Door entry systems are extensively used as part of any electronic security system. They allow for direct communication between the user and the visitor with access being granted by the user as and when required.

Door entry systems can be integrated to any access control system such as doors, gates, car park barriers to name a few. Card or fob readers can also be housed within the entrance panel if the system is being used in conjunction with a card or fob access system.

A single entrance panel can be linked to one or thousands of internal handsets. The internal handsets are interfaced to work alongside the electronic locks that allow access through the door, gate or car park barrier and therefore granting access remotely from the handset.

Door entry systems are available in a wide variety of technologies and finishes to suit all applications.

Door entry systems are available in either audio only as well as colour video to suit all requirements.

GSM Linked Systems

A GSM system can be used which utilises a single SIM card in the rear of the main entrance panel. This then allows the system to call users either on a landline or a mobile telephone number allowing for remote access wherever needed. 


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